A Successful Marriage
Values Humility

A Successful Marriage Values Humility.

Marriage, like other human institutions, achieves its function thanks to a variety of elements brought to that institution by each of its participants. Talents and abilities are important, but there are other qualities that are also essential for marriage, such as: patience, dedication, understanding, and love. One of the qualities that is less talked about, but contributes much more than one might imagine, is humility.

We live in a time when narcissism, vested interests and selfishness are what drive people; humility is not celebrated or longed for. The old joke of the man who wrote an autobiography, and titled it: "Humility and how I managed to achieve it" would no longer be just a joke, because there are those who today would gladly write it. That is why the story of Ruth and Boaz is so pertinent to our times. They are a great example of how the couple who values humility is on the path to success in their marriage.

Humility overcomes selfishness.

The bride thought first of her mother-in-law and not of herself (Ruth 1:16-17; 2:11-12).

The groom allowed Ruth to gather grain from his fields and gave her protection (Ruth 2:8-9).

Humility respects others.

The bride spoke respectfully to Boaz and his foreman, and treated her mother-in-law Naomi with respect and saved part of her lunch for her (Ruth 2:6-7,10, 13, 17-19).

The groom spoke respectfully to the harvesters and to Ruth and respected her efforts to care for her mother-in-law; he also respected the right of the next of kin (Ruth 2:4, 8-9, 11-12, 14; 3:12-13).

Humility accepts advice.

The bride let Naomi advise her to get her a husband even though he was an older man (Ruth 3:5-6, 18).

The groom sought witnesses to accompany him in the process of redeeming her (Ruth 4: 1-2, 9-12).

Humility brings great gain.

The bride gained a kind, hard-working, providing, respected, and God-fearing husband (Ruth 2:1; 3:2; 4:13).

The groom won a young wife, fearing of God, prudent, loyal to the family, hardworking, and "more valuable than 7 children" (Ruth 1:16, 22; 2:12, 23; 3:10; 4:15).

Their marriage: with the humility of both parties, they not only achieved a beautiful courtship and strong marriage, but God made them part of the human genealogy of the Lord Jesus. In this way their marriage was a blessing to many (Ruth 4:16-22).


Ruth was an extraordinary woman. She had the necessary humility to attend to her mother-in-law instead of thinking only of herself. Boaz was a man of wealth, but not only monetary, but also the humility to keep his feet on the ground and think of others. Their humility shaped them before marriage, carried them through courtship, and allowed them to establish a strong marriage that God used to bring into the world King David's grandfather, and later his very special descendant: the Savior.

Our marriages will be successful if we value humility as an essential element in our relationship, and God will bless that relationship in a special way.